Kelli Thompson

In my paintings realistic subjects are re-imagined as artifice. I use highly synthetic colors and an overtly descriptive painting style to create an unnatural interpretation of flesh and objects. This artificiality and depiction of space lends strangeness to the work and creates a necessary boundary between the viewer and myself. They are permitted to enter the paintings, but can only access as much as I am willing to give them, a random assortment of symbols – fruit, hands, leaves, triangles, and other quotidian objects. These are often chosen from a personal place. Many are selected for their connection to memory or are connected directly to someone specific.
As my work has progressed over the years, I have transitioned from painting complete figures, usually people that are close to me; to painting disembodied hands and objects as a proxy for the figure; and most recently to a complete removal/absence of the figure/representational object.