Kelli Thompson

My body of work consists of representational and abstract pieces, tied together by a bright, synthetic color palette and smooth gradients. My intention in merging these two styles of painting is to engage with formal painting in a way that combines mimicry of digital production and overtly descriptive painted hyperrealism.
In my representational pieces I use an exaggerated painting style to create an unnatural interpretation of objects, which are selected for their connection to my own memory or are connected directly to someone specific. My intention is never realism, but some space one step beyond, my own tribute to a hyper focused, almost psychedelic experience. I aim to inspire awe in the pristine level of finish in these renderings, but am not trying to fool the viewer into thinking the objects are real. My paintings only nod to reality while situating themselves firmly in an artificial space.
The gradients behind my objects have become a crucial element in building the space within my compositions. They have birthed a body of abstract works in which I create a level of depth beyond that which exists in my more figurative pieces. I use stark value contrasts to create an artificial light source, radiating from behind certain geometric shapes, and at the very edges of others. These paintings disguise the brush and hand, the result of which is barely distinguishable from digital production. I intend for my abstract works to elicit the same dramatic affect of my representational pieces, and the synthetic color paired with hard edges unites my practice as a whole.